Links to other sites containing Dowland

  • Sarge Gerbode's Lute site. Tablatures as PDF files.   

  • Folger MS. Facsimile as JPG files.   

  • Vocal-editions.   

  • Harald Lillmeyer's Website. Lyrics, Midi-Files, Facsimiles, and more.   

  • The works for lute of John Dowland. Midi, PDF.   

  • Lachrimae or Seven Teares. Midi, PDF, MP3   

  • Lachrimae or Seven Teares. PDF   

  • An explanation of performance practice for 16th century English lute songs.   


    Publishers, etc.

  • Broude Europa. "Performers' Edition Facsimiles.    

  • Stainer & Bell. Editions for lute.   

  • Doblinger Musikverlag. Guitar editions, editions, facsimiles.   



  • Duo Valeria Mignaco (soprano) and Alfonso Marin (lute)